2024 McL 38 F1 Covering Kit

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Description :

Made to fit the XL O-Rouge C1 Cold Fusion bucket seat (make sure your model is the same as the one on the picture).


This is a design inspired by the McL F1 from 2024

If you need a specific design, send us an email at info@lovelystickers.com and we will work on it.

Instructions :

The vent  holes are NOT cut on this covering kit (because the holes placement on the seat is approximate from the factory). Best is to remove the plastic vent covers before applying the sticker and cut the excess vinyle using a sharp blade.

Be careful with the biggest piece and make sure it is aligned properly before finalizing the application.

You will need to use some heat to get the sticker to stick

Air release vinyl is used for these wrapping kits to help you avoiding bubbles during the process. You can heat up the vinyl slightly to remove creases to some extent.

Apply on a dry and clean surface. Remove backing paper and smoothly apply on your surface.
Covering stickers, they are not designed for peeling off and on after application.



🇬🇧All our stickers are printed on Monomer based Vinyl (if not stated otherwise) and are UV and weather protected (5 to 7 years lifetime ).

🇫🇷Tous nos stickers sont imprimés sur du Vinyle monomère (sauf si indiqué autrement) et sont recouverts d'une protection UV et intempéries (durée de vie 5 à 7 ans).