Racing Simulators - G29 G920 Custom Mod - Skin Liveries

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Racing Simulators - G29 G920 Custom Mod - Skin Liveries

You got interested in Racing Sims during the Lockdown? You are a true driver and you are looking for parts to customise your racing simulator?

Well, Lovely Stickers has the perfect Racing Simulator Skin Kits for you!!

With special thanks to Ryan Mills for his contribution on some of the designs

 Logitech G29 Ferrari Skin


Back Story :

Last month, here at Lovely Stickers HQ we bought a Logitech G29 and built a custom Racing Sim rig to play Gran Tursimo Sport and Formula 1 2019 on the PS4.


Welding a Racing Simulator Cockpit


Racing Simulator Cockpit

We got super excited about this project and we had to customise it. 
We started with modifying the steering wheel. We found some cool F1 and GT wheels online. After a couple of google research we ended up finding the STL files for the GT wheel we like and we printed it using our Prusa Mk2.5 3D printer.


3D Printed GT Wheel


That was great, but we could do better. So we decided to make a custom skin with our favourite modern F1 car Livery : Aston Martin Red Bull Racing


Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Livery


We also wrapped the steering wheel with some cool looking fake carbon fibre vinyle.


Carbon Fibre Vinyle

Our rig probably needs a bit of paint to look finished, but I'm sure we will modify it again to suit Sim Racing even better in the near future. So, paint will wait a little longer.


What's next?

We are still making new designs and we post them as soon as they are ready. So far we've managed to make pretty much all current F1 liveries between 2019 and 2020. 

We also made some Classic F1 liveries. We chose the legendary ones though. You can find Senna's McLaren with the infamous Marlboro livery.



We also have Niki Lauda's Ferrari or the Camel Williams F1 from the 1990s.


We are currently working on Le Mans liveries too. We made a Gulf Porsche version, as well as a Martini Porsche.

Coming Soon :

- Subaru Impreza WRC/WRX
- Ferrari Daytona Carrefour and Thomson


Submit your ideas !

If there is a livery you love and that we still haven't made yet you can send us an email at
We will work on your design and will post it on in the G29 skin section of the store.



You don't own a G29? You have a Thrustmaster T300 or Fanatec CSL or any other popular wheel?

We are looking for templates to make our liveries compatible with other simulator steering wheels.

If you send us a template we don't have yet we will print it and send it to you for for FREE! All you have to do is use a white sheet of paper and apply it to your steering wheel case. Then you trace with a pen the contour of all the areas where the stickers will be positioned. You scan it, send it to us ( and tell us which livery we should make for you. 2 weeks later, it will arrive in you mail box and you ill be able to beta test it. If it needs changing you tell us and we make it again and send it again to you.

If that sounds easy enough for you then don't hesitate and send us your template.


I cannot wait to receive your files.

In the mean time, happy racing and never drink and drive!


Kevin @Lovelysticker


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    I have a g29 and would like to see and Xbox livery on your decals and yes I said G29 and Xbox…


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    Scorpions Lolitax Girls Fucked Collection

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