The new Thrustmaster TX skins are Available!

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The new Thrustmaster TX skins are Available!

You are a hard core Sim Racer? You own a Thrustmaster TX? Then treat yourself and get a skin to show your true colour!!

Have a look at our collection of skins for Thrustmaster TX! We are adding new liveries every day.



Back Story :

Last month we release our first Sim skins for the Logitech G29/G920 and they got very popular and by popular demand we understood that we needed to make these skins available for other wheels on the market. 

We contacted a local Sim Racer that owned a Thrustmaster TX and made a new friend basically! We asked him if he was interested in getting a free skin for his wheel base and what kind of livery he'd be interested in. He got super excited and came over to the shop with his base and we started taking measurements right away.


The Prototype :

We made a first version of the skin, but we ended up not liking it:



This big gap in the middle was far from ideal and we had to go back to the drawing board.


The second attempt was almost perfect and we were finally able to validate the prototype and start making more liveries.





Customer's Requests :

We posted that on Facebook and immediately received requests for the Red Bull F1 livery and the Ferrari as well:





What's next ?

And now, what coming next?

Well, we received some request from Fanatec owners and that would just be unfair not to make skins for these guys too. Lucky us, the DD1/DD2 base is avaible as a 3D model on the web so that was quite an easy one to make and it looks amazing!





We already sent the first prototypes to a friend to test them on his DD1 and we are impatient to get his confirmation. That should come soon and then we will be able to release the skins in more liveries.


Stay tuned!

In the mean time, happy racing and never drink and drive!


Kevin @Lovelysticker


  • Inan Myles

    Will you be doing another F1 redbull racing sticker an I can’t seam to find one

  • Wendell Wested

    I’d like a Red Bull skin for my t300?


    je souhaiterais passer commande pour un stickers red bull sur un volant thrusmater TX comment faire? svp

  • Mark

    I’m a TX base user & just wondering if you have any plans to release the Mercedes-AMG black livery ?

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