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Gulf Porsche 917 Livery

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Description :

Made to fit Thrustmaster TM Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on

This is a design inspired by the Gulf Porsche 917 Racing Cars that competed at Le Mans

If you need a specific design, send us an email at info@lovelystickers.com and we will work on it.

Instructions :

No need to take the wheel apart to apply this sticker. It will simply go around all the buttons and features. You can either put it on top of the original stickers or you can remove them before applying this sticker (note this will ruin the original stickers and you won't be able to put them back).

Laminated monomer based sticker

Apply on a dry and clean surface. Remove backing paper and smoothly apply on your surface.
Regular stickers, they are not designed for peeling off and on.



🇬🇧All our stickers are printed on Monomer based Vinyl (if not stated otherwise) and are UV and weather protected (5 to 7 years lifetime ).

🇫🇷Tous nos stickers sont imprimés sur du Vinyle monomère (sauf si indiqué autrement) et sont recouverts d'une protection UV et intempéries (durée de vie 5 à 7 ans).

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Phil S.

Very high quality stickers that left me incredibly happy...

The Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel was expensive, so I would never use low quality stickers on it, and I was worried that these would not be very good - considering the low price - but I don't like Ferrari, so I figured I would take a chance... I am overjoyed that I did, because not only did they get to me very quickly - all the way down here in Australia - but the stickers are premium quality, and the cut and size are flawless; so they were very easy to apply and they fit perfectly. My wheel genuinely looks like it was manufactured by Thrustmaster this way - one of my friends literally said so - and it is a vast improvement over the original look. I didn't apply the two outer stickers on the left and right sides, just because I put the top, middle outer, and middle logo stickers on first, and it looked so good that way - a little bit more subtle, which I like - that I decided to leave it like that. I can always add the other two stickers later, but the way they are supplied is perfect, because people can do what I have done, or apply all five stickers, or only apply the two outer stickers and leave the middle outer one off, or whatever they like; the point being that the fact that there are five separate stickers means that people have a choice in how they personalise their wheel. The set also came with a tiny "Lovely Stickers" sticker, and a little pink donut logo sticker as well, and I used those on my wheel too, because Lovely Stickers are now sponsors of my virtual racing team (in my head that is!). :-D They should add larger "Lovely Stickers" stickers, and donut logo stickers - in various sizes - to their Racing Sponsors/Brands category, because I definitely want to have them as a fantasy sponsor on my rig, and I would gladly pay to have stickers I could attach elsewhere too, because it's a great brand that I would be happy to advertise. I now plan to buy some matching Porsche GULF stickers for my wheelbase - I'm spray painting my rig in blue and orange too - and I couldn't recommend these stickers to others more highly. It's a great company, and they make great stickers. Do yourself a favour and buy some today! You will be very happy that you did...